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Geronimo Bucio

Maintenance Account Manager
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My name is Geronimo Bucio, and I have been very happy working for Preferred Landscape Services for the past seven years. My wife and I moved to Cornelius in 1990 and have really enjoyed living in this area.. We have 5 children, 3 girls, and 2 boys. We enjoy playing volleyball, hiking, watching movies, and attending church. Working in the Portland metro area has allowed me to satisfy customers through the maintenance work I do with Preferred Landscape Services. I am the maintenance account manager. I oversee all the maintenance accounts and the maintenance technicians. I will make sure our yards are mowed, edged, fertilized and pruned up to our standards of Landscape Services. I will also oversee most of the the yard cleanups and removal of debris. I am very detail oriented and knowledgeable when it comes to how yards should look and I strive to all yard to be pristine yards. If you are in need of any maintenance service,

I have excellent customer service and I’m bilingual, so I will be able to give you an estimate and sign you up to have your yard maintained by Preferred.