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Hillsboro Sprinkler Installation & Repair

Watering your lawn doesn’t have to be a hassle. With an automated irrigation system, sprinklers can distribute water all over your grass, gardens, and other key plant features quickly and efficiently. At Preferred Landscape Services, we design, construct, and maintain sprinkler systems of all shapes and sizes to make maintaining your property as easy as touching a button or programming an automatic timing system.

At Preferred Landscape Services, we focus on making your property look its best all year long. By making watering your property easier, more efficient, and automatic, we know we can help you get more enjoyment and satisfaction out of your lawn and garden all year long. We construct customized sprinkler systems that maximize coverage while minimizing waste, giving you a healthier and vibrant outdoor space without the stress, hassle, and financial burden that can come from manual watering.

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Sprinkler System Installation

Installing sprinklers is a tough job that requires expertise to do right. Not only do water lines need to be run to all of the appropriate locations for maximal coverage, but they also need to be set up to operate in the right number of zones in order to maintain water pressure. Preferred Landscape Services helps you engineer your sprinkler system to your needs. We have experience designing and creating all sorts of different sprinkler systems, and we can guide your project to create an efficient and effective system that is flexible in the ways you need it to be.

Preferred Landscape Services also installs sprinkler controllers and timing systems, including the latest in timing systems that integrate smart home features to give you added control over when your system runs, how long it runs, and what zones operate at any given time. This means no wasted water, reduced water bills, and a healthier lawn, no matter the season.

We can also integrate a garden watering option into your sprinklers with a drip system! This gives you the ability to seamlessly and safely water delicate garden plants with low-pressure water that is also automated by the same controller that monitors the rest of your grass.

Sprinkler Repairs

Over time, sprinkler systems can experience problems. Heads can wear out and become leaky with exposure to the sun. Broken sprinkler heads can cause a deluge of water that might even result in minor flooding. Likewise, your sprinkler system may need to adjust as your garden and lawn evolve and change over time. Whatever changes or repairs you need, count on Preferred Landscape Services to deliver repairs that keep it running right.

From fixing damaged sprinkler heads to installing or repairing your timing system to repairing control wires and more, we make quick work of the job so you can continue to enjoy your yard without the heavy labor that comes from long and frequent watering requirements.

Learn more about our sprinkler installation services today! Contact Preferred Landscape Services to find out more or schedule an inspection and receive an estimate.

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